Analytics and trading solutions on the WavesPlatform

We provide our community with simple and powerful text and visual analytics for all useful trading pairs on WavesPlatform. The analytics is supplemented with service bots. The purpose of the analytics is to provide valuable information on what trade pairs to buy/sell and when. The service bot empowers you to buy or sell automatically when your desired trade conditions are met.


  • Use of trade charts to find good deals for coins to buy and sell.
  • Monitor trades of top Buyers and Sellers.
  • See every tx in the past 24 hours.
  • Open every tx on the chart in a BlockChain explorer.
  • Use of trade charts to evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of coins.
  • Provides fine grained analytics and interactive charts for indepth probing.
  • 25+ interactive charts available for each verified trade symbol.
  • Over 2500 charts to choose from.
  • Display trade charts as images with third party content for target audience (please ask if you need any charts as images).


VTSol analytics is currently under testing.

  • Waves Price Charts for WAVES DEX is now FREE to try out for a limited time.
  • All charts updated hourly. WAVES_BTC charts updated approximately every 5 minutes.
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